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Пятнадцать человек на сундук мертвеца

Dear Sir/Ma,
My name is Ahmed Al-Bakr the son of Lt.Col Al-Bakr Hassan, special hired aid to the late President Sadam Hussein. During the crisis that led to his arrest he kept US$120,000.000 (One Hundred and Twenty Million United States Dollars) in my father's position for security and safe-keeping.
When my Father heard of his arrest / captured, he quickly concealed the US$120m in a Metallic Trunk Box and deposited it in a security and finance company in Netherlands and declared the contents as family precious effects to avoid any detection.
My father died last year as a result of injuries he sustained during the crisis, before his death he told me in confidence as his only son that he deposited the money in a Security and Finance Company in Netherlands and he handed all the related documents to me.
Now I am in a political asylum in Netherlands and I want the fund to be moved out from the security and finance company for an investment.
After going through your profiles in the internet list of people's name I decided to contact you for your expert advice and assistance to move the money to your country for an investment in the areas of business you may introduce to me because I am not a business man and I have not been into business before, the investment will be under your care.
It is imperatives that you come to Netherlands for us to see ourselves one on one and carry out this transaction without delay.
I want to let you know that you are entitled to 20% of the total fund for your assistance.
Visit this site: *** to read more about the problem in Iraq.
Please reply to my alternative email: ***@gmail.com
Thanks and best regards,
Ahmed Al-Bakr.

З.Ы. Убрал ссылки "по просьбам трудящихся".
Tags: 2009-11, Письма счастья

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