mikluha_maklai (mikluha_maklai) wrote,

Полку художников прибыло

Помните фильм "Producers"? Помните речь автора пьесы "Весна для Гитлера"?

Franz Liebekind: That is because that you were taken in by that verdammte Allied propaganda! Such filthy lies! They told lies! But nobody ever said a bad word about Winston Churchill, did they? No! 'Win with Winnie!' Churchill! With his cigars. With his brandy. And his rotten painting, rotten! Hitler - there was a painter! He count paint an entire apartment in one afternoon! Two Coats! Churchill. He couldn't even say 'Nazi'. He would say 'Noooo-zeeehz, Nooooooooooooo-zeeehz!' It wasn't Noses! It was Nazis! Churchill!...Let me tell you this! And you're hearing this straight from the horse. Hitler was better looking than Churchill. He was a better dresser than Churchill. He had more hair! He told funnier jokes! And he could dance the pants off of Churchill!...Churchill!

К чему я это вспомнил? А вот к чему.
Tags: 2014-04, На просторах Интернета


    Вместо "Чужая дупа - потемки" следует читать "Чужая душа - потемки". Или не следует? Родилось здесь

  • Вот же привязалось

    И если помчишься ты в форт Букло летящей птицы быстрей То с помощью божьей добудешь бухло у входа в ущелье Джагей.

  • Арабское, сказочное

    Избушка, избушка, повернись ко мне передом, а к лесу шахерезадом.

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